Fun for All

July 17, 2009 at 4:35 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Myrtle and I took care of our granddaughter for the last three days while our daughter was out- of- town. She’s at that energetic age (nearly four years old) when she can go non-stop from morning until night.

As part of keeping her entertained, we took her to a nearby free waterpark. We just recently learned of its existence, seeing it from afar while I was video-taping the local July 4th parade for the public access TV station. I felt an immediate magical sort of  fascination:   in the blazing summer sun, sitting on its concrete pad filling the middle of a grassy picnic area, surrounded by benches, and huge quantities of glistening water spewing every direction- blasting up from holes in the ground, shooting sideways from big colorful pipes, overflowing from small overhead buckets. And happy, screaming people splashing all through it. I didn’t have time for it that day, but I knew (to paraphrase General Douglas MacArthur) I must return.

And so I did, with Myrtle and granddaughter in tow. To experience the pure joy brought by hours of dodging between the spraying streams of cold water.  Laughing giddily as I chased my granddaughter and she chased me. And the crowd of people around us, everyone participating in the same way but with their own loved ones, detached from the others who were strangers, but all sharing exaltation in being happily together.

I’d come out of the frigid water, once in a while, for a few minute’s warm-up in the sun. I’d stumble to the bench where Myrtle sat reading a book, refusing to get in the spray. During one of those times, I recalled a long-ago visit to the mansion built by the Wright brothers (airplane inventors extraordinaire). In one of the bathrooms was a large shower, designed by Orville Wright, that featured spray jets shooting in something like fourteen directions.

During another warm-up, I looked around me absorbing the positive vibes and I said to Myrtle:  “Look how happy these people are! What a wonderful place. What a great thing for families the city has done by building this waterpark- this is what “family values” is all about. How much better-off we’d be if more of our tax money went for these sort of positive things and less for harming people. And maybe if more of our “foreign-aid” went to building complexes like this overseas, people in other countries would love America instead of wanting to blow us up.” Ah well, most of the time it even sounds like a silly, impossible dream to me, too.


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