The Great Pretender?

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I often write letters to our rulers,  both of political and business-type, so as to let them know what I think of the issues of our day. I know they very likely don’t read them. But I write them anyway. Here is my latest, to President Obama:

I read in this morning’s news that you are going to make a brief visit to New Orleans. It made me stop and think.  I realized,  I assumed you had already found time during your 9 months in office to visit that site of national shame. But it fits in with the opinion I’ve formed of you and your administration:  you are truly no better than Bush and his Monsters, Inc.  As the saying goes: “Same shit, different day.”

My 25 year-old daughter, who waited in line with me for 3 hours to see you in Cincinnati last fall said to me last night, “Obama hasn’t really done anything, Maybe nobody can do anything to fix this mess. But you’d think he’d at least try.”  That is the saddest result of your election. You robbed us of hope. We knew Reagan and the Bushes and McCain wouldn’t do anything to help regular Americans. But you tricked us into believing you would. You asked for the job, now do it.  You’ve been in office 9 months and shown no spine at all. Media moments like going on the David Letterman Show and out on dates with Michelle aren’t enough. Giving us happy talk, like promising “Prosperity is just around the corner” isn’t enough– the regular folks out here are drowning in the economic depression and wars just like the inhabitants of New Orleans drowned. Help us!!! Read a few books about smart , brave, and compassionate leaders like FDR and  Robert Kennedy.

Perhaps you think you can just wait out your time in office and then retire to luxury when your one term is over. Perhaps you plan to lie low and get re-elected because your “liberal” constituency has no where else to go. Don’t count on it. The Republicans hate you and will hound you till the day you die (which they’d love to speed along). Your “liberal” constituency is your only friend and you are rapidly losing them. I certainly don’t plan to vote for you again, even if you run against a complete nutjob like Palin. I’ll be going over to somewhere like the Green Party and kids like my daughter will probably sit the election out. After getting their hopes up and getting shafted, most of your erstwhile supporters will likely never bother voting again. And sometimes I think maybe that was the plan all along?



  1. isaacsolaria said,

    I was furiously supportive of Obama during the election and well into his first few months in office. Nowadays, however, I’m just plain furious.

    Last November, I was a part of an ever-growing group of teenagers who had been smart enough to reserve a concentrated beam of pure hatred for the Bush administration. The media couldn’t stop talking about how seemingly-underdog candidate Barack Obama had garnered such massive support amongst the younger, “hipper” demographic. The old farts running everything had to keep their heart medication extra close to keep from passing out in the middle of their conservative-bullshit TV and radio broadcasts. These people were scared to death of Obama, and the new wave was enjoying every single second of it.

    Then……………………….. he came into office. I must admit that I do not check the news as often as I should, since I also fit the teenage stereotypes of laziness and apathy, but big stories still tend to make their way to my ears. Ever since Obama became president, not one single big story about him doing something spectacular has fallen on my ears.

    There are two ways to look at this. Either Obama was brainwashed by the rest of the crooks running this country, or he was just a charlatan to begin with. Both choices are equally unappealing. It’s enough to make ya sick, isn’t it?

    • Edwin Girdle said,

      You young voters who were huge Obama supporters (as were my son, age 19 and daughter, age 25) are the group I feel sorriest for. I also feel sorry for young McCain supporters, but that’s because anyone who is a young conservative obviously has a malfunction of their compassion gene.

      Coincidentally, a few days ago, I asked Myrtle that same question about was Obama tricking-us in the first place or has he sold-out since? I have come to lean toward the former because I think that’s why so much of the power structure got behind his election. Anyway, take heart! Obama’s election was just the opening salvo in a new American revolution. 75% of the population isn’t going to sit idly by while they sink ever deeper into poverty. Our task is to keep that building rage focused on good & positive results.

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