Obama Hate-Junkie

December 31, 2009 at 3:33 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

I’m ending the third day of my withdrawal program. You see, recently it dawned upon me that I’ve become an Obama hate-junkie. I am obsessed with what a turncoat-liar our 44th President has shown himself to be. It crept-up on me so gradually that I hardly noticed. One day I was a supporter, giddy with delight at his election, waiting expectantly for him to begin making  sane, compassionate, fair decisions. The kind of decisions that would bring-about some of that “change” he had talked so much about. And I waited, and I waited, and I waited…

For ten months following the election, I shook-off Obama’s  continuance of Bush’s neo-conservative agenda. While most everyone around me lost their jobs, their homes, their retirement funds, and their faith in our system, I watched as  B.O. appointed one Wall Street lackey after another, gave a lap-dance to the big-bankers, and begged the Republicans to help him sell-out all his principles in exchange for bipartisanship. But by the time he gave his big healthcare speech in September, Representative Joe Wilson shouted-out “you lie!” and I was shouting much nastier things to my car radio as I listened.

After that, I was a gone goose. My frequent encouraging emails to the White House morphed into hate-mail,  my political conversations with friends (both black & white) and family were peppered with unflattering comparisons between B.O. & the hated W. (No, I never ventured into “birther” territory or anything of that ilk; I’m a progressive, not a racist nutjob). About a week ago, like an alcoholic who suddenly realizes he is drinking way too much, I saw that I was spending hours every day searching-out Obama’s latest failure and then spewing venom about it online.

So made myself taper-off. And I can use some of that venom on the other Democrat & Republican politicians. After all, there’s plenty of blame to go around.



  1. isaacsolaria said,

    As someone who has quite a bit of trouble keeping up with the news due to school, work, and various side-projects, I feel compelled to ask you a question: is the general media opinion on Obama the same as the one expressed by you?

    I ask this because, while I completely agree with you, I am honesty not sure if the rest of the country has woken up and smelled the B.O. yet.

    “Birthers” belong in asylums somewhere. To think that it is perfectly acceptable to be a blatant racist in this day and age shows how backwards our country really is.

    Nobody was frothing at the mouth to see W’s birth certificate, even though he was quite clearly from The Planet of the Apes.

    • Edwin Girdle said,

      Hello, thanks for visiting. No, I think overall the media is cutting Obama lots of slack. They concentrate on his dates with Michelle and other glittering photo ops and ignore his sell-out of ordinary Americans. But, come to think of it, the media has also sold-out ordinary Americans. That is all a side-effect of: 1) being owned by those lovable billionaires (he who has the gold makes the rules) and 2) news/entertainment “movers and shakers” who generally make much better money and are better educated than ordinary Americans (they are snobs). But I don’t think they are biased, they just adore money and power; the media cut W & company way too much slack while he wrecked and looted the nation.

      Unbelievably, somehow in America the strain of intolerance still keeps surfacing. It’s the same mindset that enjoyed and profited from oppression of so many “inferior” peoples over the centuries. In the 1950’s through the 1970’s it looked like it might be stamped-out but then it got the upper hand. Obama’s election was a good thing because it tweaks the noses of those creeps, but unfortunately it has lacked real substance. It sidetracked progressives for a spell, while we waited for him to solve the problems for us. As we come to see that B.O. isn’t really one of us (progressive/liberal) I think we will get back on track and really work to eradicate this ignorance and heartlessness once and for all.

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