Are People Waking Up?

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I see that a few days ago the senior George Bush (that is H.W., President #41) went to a pizza parlor where he was confronted by a customer who called him a “murderous, Zionist piece of sh*t,” warned him that “you won’t get your New World Order,” and asked him if he’s happy about “the millions of deaths” he’s had a hand in. The heckler was quickly escorted out by the Secret Service before he could inflict further hurt feelings. “Poppy” Bush is not, after all, used to coming face-to-face with outspokenly disgruntled citizens. In his world, his limousine simply drives on past any protesting crowds, the journalists immediately fawn when given an opportunity to ask questions, and even opposing politicians keep a civil tongue when speaking to his face. Do you think H.W. has ever heard anyone tell him, as this man did, that “people are waking up” to what he has helped do to them?

My first reaction to this news was one of offense at the heckler’s bad manners. I was raised to be a mild-mannered mid-westerner. My 4th generation Methodist mother taught me to be polite and never, ever hurt anyone’s feelings, especially in public. I believe most Americans are still guided by those principles. They would never publicly humiliate someone, even if that person is one of the chief architects of our nation’s present ruin. On the other hand, if things are to get better we must honestly look at the problems and their causes. Our leaders deserve to be called-out about their disastrous decisions and corporate-owned media isn’t going to do it. So, upon further thinking I have concluded that what the heckler did was necessary & courageous.

In the interest of fairness, I must confess that my decision is colored by my dislike of Bush #41. Unlike Bush #43, he’s smart. But he’s a pompous windbag; born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a deep, cynical, & manipulative disdain for the common folk (whom he ingratiated himself to by faking a fondness for pork rinds & Grand Ole Opry music). He was one of our more lackluster Presidents. And I felt this way before his bird-brained son came along to cement the name “George Bush” into the annals of national disaster. The only positive opinion I have of the man is that at least his Gulf War didn’t involve taking over Baghdad & occupying Iraq forever.

Here’s some of what I know about H.W. Bush:

By 1986, oil prices were sliding and reviving America’s economy from its worst slump since the Great Depression. H.W. took off on a whirlwind tour of the Middle East kingdoms. To Hell with regular Americans, he wanted to talk the oil sheiks into raising prices because his oil industry buddies were getting hurt (H.W. was a former oil man). I vowed then and there that I’d never vote for H.W. for any office including Dog Catcher.

While he was President the economy went into the toilet (it’s a Bush tradition). After a long spell of trying to ignore it, H.W. sauntered into action. His plan to fix the economy was simple: He would visit a local mall and encourage the yokels to step-up their spending. He would set a good example by purchasing socks. Unfortunately, in the store he showed how out-of-touch he was with the real world by having never before seen a bar-code-scanning cash register. I guess one of the family servants had always done H.W.’s shopping.

H.W.’s grandfather, George Walker, and father, Prescott, made considerable money doing bank lending and investments for the Nazis. In fact, in 1942 the U.S. government finally stopped them by seizing some of their assets under the “Trading With the Enemy Act.” H.W., in turn, is father to some notable crooks. His son, Neil, was one of the main beneficiaries of the Savings & Loan industry collapse of the 1980’s (paid for, of course, by the taxpayers). His son, Jeb, was also heavily involved in shady business dealings involving ripping-off Savings & Loans, and he helped his big brother rig the 2000 Presidential election. His eldest son, George… uh, I’m not even going to go there.

When he was CIA Director in the mid-1970’s, H.W. funneled huge amounts of money to drug lords, such as Panamanian President, Manuel Noriega. Later, as Vice President, H.W. was likely the guiding force behind the Iran-Contra Affair, that’s the one where the CIA sold Central American cocaine in U.S. cities and weapons to Iran, then they took the money and used it to illegally fund rebel groups in some Central American countries. Oh, I almost forgot… in 1989 President #41 sent U.S. troops to invade Panama and capture his old partner, President Noriega. Rumor has it that Noriega was threatening to blow the lid off his chummy relationship with H.W.

I could go on but I’m getting tired of typing. Let me just end by saying to those inclined to feel sorry for dear old “Poppy” that he certainly has not felt sorry for you and your loved-ones. In spite of his genteel bearing, he has spent decades selling good Americans down the river.


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