Barry, Come Home!

January 22, 2010 at 5:41 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

In response to a posting on one of my favorite websites, OpEdNews, entitled “How Obama Lost His Way,” I sent the following comment:

Your essay begins from a flawed premise: that Obama “lost his way.”

But he isn’t lost. There’s no doubt that he’s precisely where he meant to go. He homed-in like he was laser-guided. He started the sell-out before his inauguration and it has continued up to this very moment.

In spite of we voters clearly expressing desire for fundamental “change” and “reform,” B.O. has very visibly dithered, blocked, and obfuscated-away any hope of such happening (with the help of his fellow Republican/Democrat whores). He carefully chose advisers who are known to represent everything opposed by the majority of Americans and he staunchly continues all the worst policies of the past years and even defends them. After he puts in his 4 years, he’s likely looking forward a hefty pension, lucrative speaking engagements, and a nice book deal. Heck, President Palin will probably call on him to help out with the next disaster fund-raising operation (from which I’m sure he can pocket a bunch of bucks).

Obamapologists, please listen: I know it’s a tough thing to face but Barack Obama is probably the biggest bait & switch in our political history. The plutocracy tricked us into electing this closet neo-conservative so they could finish looting our nation. B.O. isn’t under some magic spell cast by the Tim Geithner crowd, he doesn’t have some master plan to outwit the reactionaries and suddenly get all that “change” he promised, and he isn’t going to do an about-face. Making excuses for him only enables him.

Instead of pleading, “Barry, come home!,” we better start making plans for running viable 3rd party candidates.


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