Reduced-Price School Lunches Are Ruining This Country!

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Take a listen to South Carolina’s Lt. Governor, Rudolph Bauer as he dissembles about impoverished children (and other things about which he knows nothing).

Gosh, what a reprehensible bird-brain. Nauseatingly self-righteous and smooth-talking. His arguments sound so appealing on the surface, yet are so wrong; for instance, somehow blaming reduced-price school lunches for poor academic performance. The possible influence of other factors on an impoverished student’s life, such as insufficient healthcare, substandard housing, or lack of access to educational aids like a home computer, books, etc., are completely omitted. Nope, if they ain’t learnin’ it’s gotta be the reduced-price school lunches that’s doin’ it!

And to top it off, he looks good in a suit. I’m sure Lt. Governor Bauer’s name will be on the list of possible Republican Presidential/Vice-Presidential candidates for 2012. But he likely won’t get far. The Republicans already have an oversupply of his type, with their Reaganesque-type hatred for the underprivileged disguised as old-fashioned-up-by-your-bootstrap American individualism and generously slathered with a layer of moral outrage. I can already guess that Bauer’s a believer in flat-out, balls-to-the-wall, laissez faire Capitalism (it goes without saying). Over there among the nutty right his kind are a dime a dozen.

This is the kind of regressive ignorance I thought President Obama would fight against. Instead, I see a headline that he’s planning a “budget freeze” for the next 3 years. I’ve seen enough in my 50+ years to know, before I even read the article, that it won’t be the military spending that gets frozen. Nope, instead it’s all that “human-services” bleeding-heart stuff. (Then I read the article. And I was right.)

Our nation is suffering the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, with real unemployment inching close to 20% and all measures of poverty climbing. Our audacious President helped break the Treasury by bailing-out the banks and instituting a “stimulus” bill that was mostly pork for Congressional pet projects. And now, having done pretty much nothing of substance to help ordinary Americans, the Prez has decided to do even less for them during the next 3 years. Someone, male or female, please give this President a blow-job so he can be impeached and we can get on to the next uncaring jerk!



  1. Cynicicus said,

    Hey there, Colonel. We’ve met over at smirkingchimp. The reason I knew of the majors pricing scam was because a buddy of mine owned a Marathon station up here in Columbus. His was a convenience store as well as a two bay repair, and he told me of the pricing bs. Last month, six weeks ago maybe I was driving near his side of town and needing fuel so I thought I’d give him the business. I was kicked in the gut when I drove up and saw the place empty. He didn’t tell many of us. In fact I called one of our mutuals and that guy told me the news.

    I saw your link here within the David M.Green essay and thought I’d drop by. Your comment of being somewhat addicted to O-bashing made me nod. I got hooked on the Massachusetts election as a similar symptom. Though the similarities between the rise of Brown and the rise of O-rama has me a bit apprehensive.

    • Edwin Girdle said,

      It’s great to hear from you again. Sorry about your friend’s station, but you had the right idea to try and throw your business his way. Unless we non-billionaires help each other, I think there will be far fewer small independent businesses in America before this “recession” is over.

  2. Black Economic Empowerment said,

    Encourage them to pack their own lunch and not trade for less healthy choices. Black Economic Empowerment

  3. Bellesouth said,

    Colonel, your daughter introduced me to your blog via a lovely facebook group she created.

    What I wanted to say is I hope that guy is unelected and has to file unemployment or some other type of public aid soon. What a piece of crap.

    For most of these kids, that school lunch is their only form of a balanced meal. Here our local rotary club collects donations to make “snack packs” – backpacks full of enough food to last a free-or-reduced-lunch kid through the weekend.


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