Reactionary Dopes on Dope

January 28, 2010 at 3:00 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

My daughter, Pippilotta, phoned me to discuss my latest post, “Reduced-Price School Lunches Are Ruining This Country!” She related the reactionary opinions of South Carolina’s Lt. Governor, Rudolph Bauer to a Facebook site she had found some time ago, wherein participants are demanding drug-testing for all welfare recipients. Typical of Pippilotta, because she saw & disagreed with that group, she took action and started her own in which she calls for all corporate fat-cats to be drug tested (I am so proud!)

On a similar note, earlier this spring Florida State Senator, Mike Bennett proposed random drug testing as a requisite for collecting unemployment benefits. Need I tell you that I sent him an extremely indignant letter. The suggestion that unemployed citizens are in their situation because they are hooked on drugs is insulting.

A short time later, when I recounted the phone conversation to my better-half, Myrtle, she put forth the idea that, perhaps Messrs. Bauer and Bennett are addled in their thought processes because they are high on drugs. This caused the light of realization to illumine my tired brain. Yes! Why hadn’t I seen it before: These reactionary dopes are obviously on dope!

Finally, Pat Robertson’s comments make sense! I cite as a supportive example the sad case of the foam-mouthed-insane entertainer, Rush Limbaugh, whose crazy rantings were proven to be a drug-inspired cry for help.

We citizens should demand drug-testing for public figures who exhibit specious reasoning when addressing issues, advocate measures aimed at punishing those who are victims of our aberrant economic system, or especially spout ideologies that normal people thought went down when the Allies took Berlin in 1945.


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