“Unemployment” Gets Solved

February 9, 2010 at 5:25 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

Here we go again. Once more the corporate-controlled shills of government and media join together to sell us baloney that they claim is sirloin steak. This time they are praising to the heavens the December jobless figures that supposedly show a “surprising” decline in unemployment, which purportedly proves the economy is on the mend. Here’s one of the articles. While even this particular write-up isn’t loony enough to try and sound tremendously optimistic, what with its multiple caveats, it still omits mention of what I’m sure is the true explanation for December’s unemployment drop. I’m no economist but even I know what it is. Do you? It’s the same factor that accounts for increased employment every December and then reverses in January: holiday season hiring.

Is there anyone, I mean besides those who nowadays pass for “journalists” and “government leaders,” who doesn’t know that businesses hoping to milk the end-of-the-year shopping binge often hire extra workers? And after said binge ends on New Year’s Day, generally so too does the holiday hiree’s job?

But what the heck, the important thing is to pull wool over the eyes of at least some of the people. Get a quick boost for the stock market and temporarily back-off the pressure from those who demand action to get some job growth. The unemployment problem is solving itself. Whoopee! Prosperity is just around the corner (to coin a phrase).

Prediction: Come March, when the January unemployment numbers come out and they are higher than they were in November, our dear “journalists” and “government leaders” will be blindsided at the news. They will then do their best to once-again put a positive spin on the continuing disaster.

When January unemployment figures soar, will our ‘leaders” then take bold action to address the issue of joblessness? Of course not. For they know that soon the unemployment numbers will show a huge improvement. And why is that? Because millions of jobless people have been jobless so long that within these next few months they will exhaust their unemployment payments. And you want to hear something crazy? The U.S. government’s official way of counting unemployment doesn’t count you unless you are collecting unemployment payments. In other words, you can be jobless but if you aren’t getting unemployment payments then you aren’t “unemployed.”


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