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Afghan civilians were killed by mis-guided NATO rockets while American forces fought to take over the town of Marjah. The linked article says the deaths will be “a blow to NATO and Afghan efforts to win the support of residents in the Marjah area.” Gosh, do you think so?

I’m ashamed to admit this. But back in the mid-1990’s, in what seems now like someone else’s lifetime, I had a great job and money to spare to invest. In one of the financial magazines (I think it was Forbes) I read an article that said the U.S. had, for years, wanted to build a pipeline across Afghanistan so as to move Russian oil to port for shipment. What stood in the way was the Taliban government who would not let it happen. Well, I figured America’s oil company criminals would find a way to clear that obstacle, so I went out and bought stock in a few of the oil companies named in that article (Conoco was one of them). So I was completely unsurprised when the U.S. found a pretense to invade Afghanistan, remove the uncooperative Taliban, and occupy the country for the next gazillion years.

Unfortunately for my wallet, I had to sell the stocks long before 9/11 because I was downsized from my good job & needed immediate cash to survive. Besides, nowadays I could never countenance playing such games with peoples’ lives, especially after I learned first-hand that the rich & powerful can just as easily play with my life too.

My deepest sympathy & regrets to the Afghan people. America has truly become a monster.


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