Dog Vomit

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by Reverend Hothoneywater, D.D.

Tiger Woods held a press conference today. And finally he’s learned to give the misty-eyed, choked-voice performance we’ve come to demand from our public idols who’ve shown they have feet-of-clay. I’m sure the heel and his corporate sponsors hoped to soon get back to building his lucrative “brand.” His mother was there and that is nice. But there was a fly in the ointment: His wife wasn’t at the event. I would think our national sense of closure demands she publicly forgive her hubby. Oh well perhaps she’ll do it later on some prime time tv interview show.

“Love-child” fatherer and all around heel John Edwards is still hanging in there, newswise. According to the tabloid and internet headlines he’s either beating-up his wife Elizabeth, he’s asked his mistress to marry him, he’s given his mistress a big diamond ring, I even saw a funny article claiming John and Tiger Woods are going to release a duets album. All I can say is: “Thank you, dear Lord, that John Edwards didn’t get elected President (even though I agreeed with most of his political rhetoric). Because the Puritans would now have us mired in in an unimaginable impeachment mess.”

Terry Hoskins, who isn’t near as famous or rich as Tiger or John Edwards, is from my neck of the woods (Dayton, Ohio). His story got some coverage when he bulldozed his house instead of letting a bank take it away. Terry got in a legal dispute with his brother which caused the IRS to put a lein on Terry’s carpet store. Because of the carpet store trouble, the bank saw an opportunity for profit and foreclosed on Terry’s house even though he had never missed a payment. This was because the house was “cross-collateralized” with the carpet store. Terry’s house was valued at $350,000 and he owed $160,000 to the bank. He says he had a buyer who would have bought the house for $170,000 but the bank wouldn’t let him sell because they said they will get more than that when they auction-off the house (did I mention that he hadn’t missed a payment?)  He finally got so fed-up that he knocked the house down and says he may do the same thing with the carpet store. Do I understand his frustration? I help poor and middle-class people every day who are endlessly worked-over by the system. So yes I do. 

Joseph Stack has briefly gained noteriety as the guy who flipped his wig and crashed a private plane into an IRS office building in Austin, Texas. Like Terry Hoskins (above) it appears he felt worked over by the system until he cracked. He was irrational and it’s tragic that he thought the solution was killing himself and 2 people in the target building and potentially many others. He left a last statement detailing what he felt drove him to this final act. Don’t let the spinmeisters tell you what he said. Read it yourself. Because I’m seeing opinions in the mainstream media and the web that attempt to spin him into

a tax-hating teabagger – because he says the tax code is pretty much incomprehensible. (well, isn’t it?) and that the tax laws favor the rich and corrupt (well, don’t they?)
a commie – because he has quotes Karl Marx (although not admiringly) and takes some jabs at Capitalism and points out that the rich and well connected including the Church feed at the trough while ordinary people get screwed (do you doubt the truth of that?)
anti-government – because he felt America’s politicians didn’t care anything about an ordinary person like him and never pass laws that help ordinary people (do you think they do? If you do then give me an example from the last 30 years).
Joseph Andrew Stack – because it makes him sound scarier like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, and other unbalanced murderers?

Stack like many of our citizens got beat-up by a system that – as George Carlin once put it – “threw them overboard thirty f—ing years ago.” Finally, he came unglued and killed people. He said he hoped his destructive act cause the American zombies to wake up and revolt. But it looks like the issues he tried to raise will be lost amid the government and corporate frenzie to pass the blame and whip us into fear so we’ll protect them from harm while they plunder us.

The Bible tells us, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so does a fool return to his folly.” (Proverbs 26:11) I don’t know whether you have ever witnessed the disgusting canine behavior of re-eating what was moments before regurgitated. But it puts me in mind of  our foolish nation. The lessons of national fairness and compassion toward the elderly, children, laborers, the weak and downtrodden all are being forgotten. We are distracted by trivial events and misdirected into blaming the victims of an unworkable system. And so America revives the hateful meanness that we once rejected because it didn’t work.


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