“Just a Game”

March 3, 2010 at 12:45 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , )

A friend and I were recently discussing the latest shenanigans of the collection of empty suits posing as our nation’s “leaders.”

“What else can I say,” he sighed while shaking his head, “to them it’s just a game.”

He’s right. Apparently, to the Washington D.C. elite it is a game but to us out here in the real world it is life & death. They start a war and we fight it, they wreck the economy and we lose our jobs, they let the banks run wild and we lose our homes. 40,000,000 of us do without health insurance and they enjoy socialized medicine. To them health care “reform” is an election tactic and to us it means pain, suffering, maybe death.

Players like Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid use ordinary American’s as pawns in a political chessgame.
That it is just a game to them first hit me back in the 1980’s when Ronny Reagan was President. Old Ronnie and Tip O’Neil (remember him?) the Democrat Speaker of the House would battle mightily in the media over legislation. Yet somehow, whenever the dust momentarily settled it was always the same outcome: Mr. & Mrs. Average American got shafted again. I actually believed the fuss and acrimony, until one day I saw a film of those two gentlemen on an the evening newscast, playing golf together – laughing & putting arms around one another’s shoulders like the greatest of pals. Like a flash, my eyes opened to the truth: perhaps at one time all that noise between Republicans & Democrats signified something meaningful. But in modern America it’s just a game put on for show. The two parties pretend to be on two opposing teams but, in reality, they are on the same team and the opposing team is us.


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