Ha, Ha, Suckers!

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Not all that long ago, Myrtle and I were having a pleasant dinner conversation with a couple who had lost their business in the economic crash. They seemed rational-enough until, about 20 minutes into the visit, they revealed their admiration for Glenn Beck. “He just makes good sense,” said the husband as he echoed Beck’s opinion that America has been bankrupted by the poor. We responded at first with gape-jawed bewilderment, then tore into the stupidity of that theory.

Well, my long-held suspicions about Glenn Beck are, at-last, confirmed by an interview in the latest Forbesmagazine, wherein Mr. Beck verifies that he is only in it for the money and does not give “a flying crap” about politics or the effect his insane antics have on his tiny-brained listeners. His audience believes what he says and gets all worked-up when he cries on his broadcast, while he secretly laughs all the way to the bank.

I am not the least surprised to learn that Beck views his job as purely business. And what a business; he raked-in $32 million dollars last year! He is a maestro who plays his followers like a cheap fiddle. And I have absolutely no doubt that Rush Limbaugh is Beck’s soul-mate in perfidy. Some day, when America has come to its senses con-men like Beck, Limbaugh, and Newt Gingrich and their Froot Loop-followers will be in the history books as cautionary tales.



  1. TD said,

    Is it possible that a person who’s opinion of themselves is so superior as to call those with dissimilar opinions “Froot (sic) Loop-followers” fails to understand the meaning of “With a deadpan” or are you being purposefully intellectually dishonest?

    • Edwin Girdle said,

      The cereal’s name is spelled “Froot Loops.” I used it as a way to mildly denote that anyone who mistakes Glenn Beck’s histrionics for sincere, rational thought is suffering from mental impairment. I have no problem with dissimilar opinions; in fact, I welcome them and have a high degree of tolerance for a wide-world of viewpoints. However, I draw the line long before the region of outer-space where we find Mr. Beck and his narrow-minded, uncompassionate and bigoted tripe.

      I understood Forbes’ description of Beck’s “deadpan” (expressionless) demeanor to be a contrast to his overly-emotive on-air persona. In other words, he was not performing for an audience. My other choice for “deadpan” would be a type of comic-delivery. Are you implying that he was just putting us on during the interview?

  2. TD said,

    Of course, he was comically deadpanning.

    My question was are you an idiot of the unlikely dimension required to not actually understand what Beck meant or are you as unimaginatively intellectually dishonest as the countless single-file-marching others attempting to play stupid as to feign shock about someone you want to see taken down in the first place.

    Am I to understand that you are copping to the former or are we still playing pretend and feigning shock?

    • Edwin Girdle said,

      Nope, he was not “comically deadpanning.” The Forbes writer was using contrast as a literary device. Such subtlety escaped you. And what exactly do you imagine Mr. Beck would have meant if this had been a comic performance? And in what way am I feigning shock? I specifically stated that “I am not the least surprised” to learn that Glenn Beck is simply grubbing for money.

      I am truly sorry for the hurt you must feel. You believed Glenn Beck cared about issues when actually he was pandering in order to make big piles of cash. I felt a little bit like that when I concluded Al Gore was selling global warming as a way to get very, very rich. Beck, Gore, and all the other celebrity fear-mongers should go earn their money in some honest way. I doubt you are as angry at me as you are at Beck for being just another sell-out. He does not deserve your defense of him.

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