The Glenn Beck Experience

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Laugh-master Glenn Beck keeps on rolling and keeps his audience rolling in the aisles! Now, in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Stevens’ retirement, he imagines President Obama’s upcoming selection of a replacement. Beck’s fevered brain visualizes a “gay-handicapped-black woman who’s an immigrant” as being B.O.’s dream appointment, because it would be the “radical” thing to do.

And in the zany universe Beck has created, President Obama is a radical. He is a Marxist. Yes, Barack Obama. The man whose policies have, so far, been virtually indistinguishable from his predecessor, George W. “Silver-Spoon Cowboy” Bush. Beck’s avid following eats this stuff up, much like fans of other fantasy tv programs like Lost.

The Glenn Beck experience is high-comedy of unparalleled genius. One after another, he spins hilariously surreal takes on current events. Does he write this stuff himself or use a staff of joke writers? Either way, he certainly deserves the $32 million he raked-in last year.

My only concern is: how can he possibly keep topping himself? Eventually he will reach a point where he runs-out of new humor material and then what? Perhaps having himself hauled-off to the nuthouse in a straitjacket at the end of the broadcast?


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