Aristocrat Vs. the Unemployed

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On the heels of May’s job-market news, comes another attack on the unemployed by a member of the aristocracy. In a CNBC interview, New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg said the time to cut-off unemployment extensions is “right now” because helping the jobless only “encourages people to, rather than go out and look for work, to stay on unemployment.”

Alas, neither the empty suit in the White House nor anyone in Congress nor any mainstream media pundits are inclined to take the Senator to task. His nitwit statements would be easy to refute except that most everyone in American public life is so completely bought. Letting him go unchallenged plays right into the natural American inclination to hate the poor & powerless. And, since the unemployed are very often poor & powerless or on their way to becoming so, we Americans must be encouraged to hate them too. That is vital to the fat-cats’ plan to keep the lower 95% of the population fighting each other so they can continue to grab the loot. So it is up to you and me to counteract Senator Gregg and his loathsome ideas.

Gregg is determined to ignore the jobs crisis that he and his associates in Congress had a very large part in causing. If they had done their job properly and kept the economy on the rails, then there would not now be such a need for keeping afloat such a massive number of unemployed. Official unemployment is 9.7% with actual involuntary joblessness about double that figure. The Senator would rather focus upon the superficially encouraging news that in May the U.S. economy created 431,000 jobs. Far be it for him to bother looking beneath the surface to learn that 411,000 of those jobs were temporary positions taking the U.S. Census. So the economy added just 20,000 permanent jobs when there are at least 15,000,000 jobless. And a few moments’ reflection would lead to the sensible realization that those Census jobs will be gone as soon as the Census-taking is completed. In a few months, the majority of those Census workers will be needing unemployment benefits again.

It is easy for a disengaged, pampered numbskull like Judd Gregg to effectively say – “To Hell With the Unemployed!” He was not born in a log cabin, his father was Governor of New Hampshire in the early 1950’s & Gregg eventually held that job himself. In fact, the 63 year-old crook has been occupying some public office for 32 years.

“But, Colonel,” I can hear you saying, “just because he’s been in political office most of his life doesn’t mean he’s corrupt.” And you are right. I am sure there are honest lifetime politicians. But Gregg is not one of them. Here are 2 quick facts:
1) Gregg was the Republican’s leading author of the TARP program (also known as the bank bailout) while he had a multimillion dollar investment in Bank of America stock. Gregg finds time to multi-task as both a criminal and a hypocrite when he hand-wrings about how “we’re creating these massive debts which we’re passing on to our children…” He apparently had no worry about that when he negotiated giving nearly a trillion dollars to the banksters, but sees money for the unemployed is a danger to future generations.
2) At the beginning of his administration, Obama nominated multi-millionaire Gregg as Secretary of Commerce (doesn’t that figure?) but Gregg withdrew his name after it was learned that the Senator had financially benefited from government money he had steered to his state.

Now that we have revealed a bit of the man (professional politician, multimillionaire, crook, & hypocrite). Let us further examine his heartless & brainless ideas:

Senator Gregg appears to have lost sight of the truth that the unemployed are not simply lazy layabouts who love getting a free ride. The unemployed are people who worked and lost their jobs through no fault of their own. It is insulting to say that they would rather collect an almost unlivable pittance from the government instead of working for more money and, hopefully, fringe benefits such as health insurance.

The rich Senator fears that continuing support for the unemployed is “undermining the cyclical event.” This is his indirect way of lamenting that unemployment insurance keeps millions of potential serfs from fighting over the ever-lower-paying jobs. Big-business would benefit from having that bigger pool of near-slave labor to drive down wages & benefits. He appears to be an unknowing follower of plutocrat Andrew Mellon, who served as President Hoover’s Treasury Secretary. Mellon advised Hoover not to stem the spreading Great Depression because in his philosophy helping the jobless only undermined their morals and keeping the economy from hitting bottom stopped the natural cycle where the rich (he & his friends) could scoop-up assets cheaply.

The unemployed need their benefit payments to pay their bills. And when they pay their bills, that helps keep the economy from sinking further. If you think the economy is bad now, just try to imagine the downturn that would follow if the 15,000,000 unemployed defaulted on their bills. Then give another thought to the chaos & crime that would result. Unemployment insurance was invented to help support individuals who were put out of work and to support the entire economy!

Thank Heavens that Judd Gregg has already declined to run for reelection this fall. Good riddance to him!



  1. Tammie said,

    You, are 100% right…. you need to run for office>>>>>>>> Tammie

    • Edwin Girdle said,

      Since we see eye-to-eye, dear lady, perhaps you should be the one who runs for office as I have no stomach for it.

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