Our Drinking Water

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Over these past few years, Myrtle & I have taken to speculating just what is wrong with most people anymore:

The nation disintegrates while they sit on their behinds, more interested in who wins Dancing with the Stars or some other such drivel than how their quality of life & liberty are under attack. Huge numbers of them display self-absorption to the point of derangement, no in-depth thinking skills, and cultural memory-failure akin to amnesiacs.

Every venture out on our motorways has become a heart-in-the-mouth experience. Drivers seem unable to operate their horseless carriages in a safe & courteous manner. They veer over the center line for no discernible reason; race up to stop signs & red lights at full speed, only applying brakes at the last possible second, many times with the front-end of their vehicle sticking part-way out into the adjoining street; more than a few actually seem unaware that they are behind the wheel of an automobile.

Driving through a parking lot or any area with foot traffic calls for special vigilance. Pedestrians mosey out in front of one’s car with the obliviousness of cattle. They appear totally unaware of the damage that could be done to them by a 3,000 lb. car as they waddle into the path of potential destruction, not even bothering to look left or right before stepping-out.

I could go on and on. But I’m sure you’ve experienced all this and more. Well, here’s an item that might help explain a lot of our citizens’ befuddled thinking. Our drinking water is so loaded with pharmaceuticals, hormones, chemicals, and other nasty things that America’s brains are muddied beyond coherence. This article deals with the Ohio River but I have no doubt the same applies to every other waterway in the U.S. of A.



  1. Andy said,

    This reminded me of an article I saw a few weeks ago:


    Where shrimp behavior was altered by drugs in the water, resulting in ‘suicidal’ behavior. And of course, Shrimp, being close to the bottom of the food chain, if they go, the entire system collapses.

    Even scarier: our consumption of water (both industrial and domestic) has been such that we’re draining aquifers faster than they can replenish themselves. Rivers will fail to reach the ocean (the Colorado river already fails to do so every few months or so) and underground aquifers will draw nothing. At that point, we either all die of thirst or recycle the already recycled water. Which, as we’ve seen here, is not an option conducive to good health.

    Fun times ahead.

    • colonelgirdle said,

      When I was a young man in the mid-1980’s, I worked in the chemistry lab at a large printing company. A portion of my job entailed helping mix gigantic vats of coatings & inks to be used within the company & exported to foreign associates.
      I well remember those in charge of the operation daily washing gallons & gallons of metallic coatings & other water-based nasty substances down the drain. At first I was shocked & asked why. Their explanation was that it saved disposal costs & the accompanying huge volume of water was to dilute the illegal pollutants so it would be undetectable if the EPA tested the local water. I considered making a call to the authorities but was too cowardly about losing my good job.
      Multiply this behavior by thousands of times a day. Then add the legal flushing of contaminants. The most vital substance to life takes on a scary dimension.

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