One More Outsourced Job

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This week during his visit to India, our inspiring leader spoke of the necessity for Americans to embrace global economics (big surprise, huh?). Mr. Obama, as one of those who can be comfortable that his job will never be shipped abroad, is convinced that globalism is just terrific.

But the smug attitude of our Republicrat politicians makes me pause & think: Since our domestic “leadership” is pf such poor quality, perhaps America should outsource it to some place cheaper like we have so much else. And after all, the Chinese, Mexican, or Sri Lankan politicians who would take-over the job of running America could not possibly have less consideration for the needs of ordinary citizens than have the U.S. politicians for these past 30 years.

The irony of the global economy is that it has turned into a real-life version of one of those corny movies like “The Prince and the Pauper,” where two people, one rich & one poor, trade identities & the next think you know the poor one is getting rolled in some seedy tavern. In this version, countries like India get the high-tech jobs and get to have a middle class while America winds up unemployed & mugged in some Detroit back alley.

So much for Barry renegotiating the free trade agreements or passing legislation to stop rewarding companies that ship their jobs overseas. Remember how he promised to do those things during the 2008 campaign? Yeah, well he was hoping you wouldn’t.


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Get Out & Vote!

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Election Day is next Tuesday. I have voted in every election since I was first eligible in 1976. I have never been an ideologue for any political party, so I’ve voted for candidates from a variety of viewpoints. There have been some times of satisfaction with the politicians & many more times of disgust with the politicians. But never have I been so thoroughly disillusioned as I am now with our system from the top in Washington to the bottom in our local communities.

I know there are concerned, competent, & compassionate people wanting to lead our cities, states, & nation. But they usually lose-out to the crooked & self-aggrandizing.

I am sure most the people working in our government bureaucracies are dedicated & hard-working. But I think they are sabotaged by the lazy & uncaring.

I believe a large portion of the business community still plays by the rules & wants to positively contribute to a better world. But they are outmaneuvered by a huge & growing culture of shysters & slave-owners.

Leading-up to this election, we have seen an even stronger emphasis than usual on a message of blindly boosting one of the two wings of America’s big-business party (known as Democrats & Republicans). While I respect the rationale for voting once-again for Democrats who are just Republican-lite, I just cannot do it anymore. I cannot vote again for Democrats who have not earned my vote by standing-up & speaking-out for ordinary citizens. Our system will never change as long as we keep only electing candidates presented by the two wings of the big-business party.

In any race where a left-leaning third party candidate is fielded, then I will back that candidate over Democrat or Republican. Obviously, that means the Libertarian & Constitutional Parties are not under consideration. If a race has only Dem or Rep options, then I will vote Democrat only if that incumbent candidate has FOUGHT for people of my socio-economic class or the non-incumbent Democrat has publicly strongly pledged to do so.

If the choice in a race is between a Republican & a DINO, then I will leave that race blank on my ballot. I cannot imagine voting for any Republican & Democrats are no longer my default choice.

Here in Ohio, I intend to vote for the Socialist candidate, Daniel LeBotz, for U.S. Senate.

For Governor, my vote is going for Anita Rios of the Green Party.

And so, my fellow Americans, I urge you to ask not only what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you. VOTE. But not for the lesser of the two very evils that are generally presented to us by the Republicrat Party. Shake things up by making our leaders EARN your vote!

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Corporations & Government Exist for Us!

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Surely you noticed how much better the economy has gotten in the last 15 months.

Happy days are here again! Break out the bubbly!

You haven’t?

Well, neither have I. But the National Bureau of Economic Research, the august body charged with officially declaring when recessions start & stop, has officially declared that our latest recession ended in June 2009. An expansion started in July 2009.

Yes, I know, like you my first inclination was to almost fall out of my chair laughing. But in its report the NBER reminds us that they “…did not conclude that economic conditions since that month have been favorable or that the economy has returned to operating at normal capacity. Rather…the recession ended and a recovery began in that month.” Then they caution that business activity sometimes lags well into an economic expansion.

Sure, I think we all understand that the economy doesn’t instantly return to normal after a downturn. But 15 MONTHS should be more than enough time for the ground to stop falling out from under the feet of the bottom 90% of the country! And out here in the real world, that is the world outside D.C. & NYC, the ground is continuing to fall. Businesses are still closing, houses are still foreclosing, & jobs are still evaporating. And yet the NBER declares we are in a 15 month economic expansion & the politicians will happily grab onto that declaration as an excuse to keep ignoring the disaster they have brought upon the nation. After all, why help the jobless & poor when the rising tide is again lifting all boats?

Well, I think it is obvious that if the measurements show this is an economic expansion then THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH THE MEASUREMENTS! I do not pretend to know how the books are being cooked, do you? I suspect that all those bailouts to banksters & Wall Street con-artists & increased profits for offshoring our jobs is now being falsely measured as rising GDP (Gross Domestic Product). When a large portion, perhaps a majority, of a nation’s citizens can be on the financial ropes but the statistics show things getting better & the experts believe it, then the wrong things are being measured & the experts are fools.

One last thing. I keep hearing the “leaders” & “experts” telling us that we are in a long-term “jobless recovery.” They better keep in mind that for 300 or so million Americans it doesn’t matter how great corporate profits are or how high the Dow average or even how much the GDP grows. If all those things don’t translate into prosperity & a good quality of life for the citizens, then to Hell with the corporations, the government, & the few people who are doing great for themselves. That is why the corporations & government exist in the first place… to bring a good life to our communities!

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By Reverend Hothoneywater, Special Correspondent

The Bible many “Christians” spend time thumping but little time reading says:

“If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.” (Proverbs 21:13)

Congressman Alan Grayson, of Florida’s 8th District (location of  DisneyWorld), has told it like it is about Republicans & their attitude toward the jobless victims of economic depression. It is the sort of thing President Obama & every Democrat should be saying in public every day, on every news program, in every newspaper, and all over the internet. It is the sort of think every church, synagogue, & mosque in the nation should be reminding their congregations every week. Watch the video here.

Now Mr. Grayson is no pauper himself. He is a millionaire. But he has not forgotten his upbringing as a poor boy in Bronx, New York. And he nails it when he paints his Republican colleagues as unable to relate to those without jobs facing financial hardship:

“They’re thinking why don’t they just sell some stock . If they’re in really dire straits, maybe they could take some of their art collection and send it off to the auctioneer. And if they’re in deep, deep trouble maybe these unemployed can sell one of their yachts.”

This is a speech that Franklin Roosevelt would have been proud to give.

This is by no means the first time Representative Grayson has blasted the reactionary right-wing. This photo from the so-called “healthcare debate” illustrates Grayson’s bravado. 

I got on Rep. Grayson’s website to email him my thanks. Its says due to the volume of email he gets, he only accepts mail from his Florida constituents. So I phoned his Wash DC office & spoke to a very courteous & happily surprised receptionist.
I encourage you to call with your support for this brave man. Phone 202-225-2176.
If you can, send him a contribution; he’s running for reelection & we need his kind in Congress.

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What a Country!

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I’m taking a few minutes out from my frantic year-long job search to comment on a few things.

Wall Street’s crooked gambling casino that we in America call “the market” was pleased that new unemployment claims dropped this past week to “only” 429,000. Meanwhile, the millionaires’ club a.k.a. the Senate failed to help the long-term unemployed. And by the end of July we will have 3,000,000 jobless who have lost their unemployment payments. Well… that is 3,000,000 minus the half-dozen or so who will manage to find jobs by then.

As many of you know, under America’s system of measurement one can be jobless & not be counted as “unemployed.” “Unemployed” is a term that only applies to those who are eligible for unemployment benefits. Our government is seeking to solve the “unemployment” problem by simply making millions of jobless ineligible for unemployment. To borrow a punchline from Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff, “What a country!”

No, I do not believe government is inherently evil. But government run by the bunch we have as “leaders” sure is.

Here is a “report” (and I use the term loosely) from an Ohio newspaper that could have been ghost-written by one of those millionaire Senators who hate the unemployed. It is a perfect example of why thinking people have abandoned the mainstream media. In case you cannot find my comment below the article, here is what I wrote in reply to this atrocious pablum:

” Wow! Was this article written by someone in the employ of a right-wing think-tank? The only way this article could be more one-sided & damaging to the unemployed is if the following sentences were removed:
“Still, Durant supports extending unemployment benefits. “It’s still the right thing to do, because it’s bad out there,” she said.

“Even critics of the unemployment extensions agree that nobody’s getting rich off of unemployment benefits.”

Otherwise it is filled with ridiculous & unfounded charges against the jobless that the hack reporter never questions nor counter-balances in any way. For instance when the assertion is made that the people are turning-down jobs that pay up to $15 dollars per hour because they make more off unemployment, even after taxes, said reporter never questions that it would mean the unemployed make about $700 + per week. Here in Ohio, the maximum unemployment is about $350 if you have dependent children, so this stuff about turning-down $15 dollar an hour jobs is highly suspect of being pure b.s.

I could go on but I won’t. This article is pure drivel. ”

Next up. I am not a bit surprised that joblessness is causing a surge in calls to suicide prevention hotlines. Maybe if enough of we jobless kill ourselves it will bring down the unemployment figures. Come on you lazy jobless, do it for your country!

My bankruptcy was final last week. In case you wonder where I got money to file bankruptcy ($1500), I borrowed it from my 90 year old mommy. My attorney is a very nice fellow. After the hearing, he asked me how I’m holding-up. I confessed that two weeks ago I’d checked myself into the psych ward of a local hospital because I’d gone suicidal over my various financial problems (I’m not alone, see the above paragraph). He cautioned me against such a rash act and admitted he had tried to kill himself when he was 21 and despondent over a broken romance (he is now 60). His advice to someone as “young and sharp” (that’s why I like hanging around older people) as me is that I should move to another, better country with more opportunity. As those of you who have read some of my other blog postings know, I am considering that very action.

I hope all of you are doing well at weathering the economic storms. Remember “Non-Corborundum Illigitimi !” (don’t let the bastards grind you down).

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Making a Difference

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Political cartoonist-author, Ted Rall wrote a critique of the Tea Bagger movement in which he wonders why African-Americans would vote Republican. In fact, he goes so far as to compare it to Jews voting for the Nazi party. How can I disagree? Although the GOP was largely founded in the 1850’s upon the idea of abolition of slavery, after Lincoln’s murder in 1865 they rapidly threw concern for the former slaves overboard and morphed into the party of big-business. 150 years later they have more in common with the car than with the Great Emancipator.

Certainly anyone other than a rich, white, middle-aged, heterosexual, fundamentalist Christian, male who votes Republican is likely suffering from a form of self-loathing (and the remaining Republican voters loath other humans). So, they either go Republican from self-hatred, a kind of long-range ethnic suicide, or they are trying to “fit-in,” to gain admittance to that good old boys club of wealth & power.

Whenever I see the spectacle of a black Republican, my mind goes back to memories of when I was 15 years-old and helping bale hay on a farm owned by the father of one of the girls in my school class. The rural town outside Dayton where I grew up was all-white, so being around a member of any minority was extremely rare. There was a crew of about a dozen of us baling hay that hot summer. And all of us were white except an older black man (That is, he seemed old at the time. He was probably in his mid-40’s) called “Cousin Jim.”

Jim was not really a cousin of anyone at the farm, he was a hired-hand who had been with them a long time. He was wiry and worked like a pack mule. He did not talk a lot (none of us did, it was too hot & dry for much talking). But what surprised me was when he did speak it was usually some unsolicited put-down of his own race:
“Most n—–s don’t want to work!”
“You can’t get them lazy n—–s off their behinds and get ’em to do an honest day’s work!”
“They oughta ship all them lazy n—–s back to Africa if they don’t wanna work!”

Some of the others on the work crew seemed delighted with Cousin Jim. They would cackle as he entertained them with his comments. I was repulsed by him. I judged him as an “Uncle Tom” who debased himself to curry favor and avoid conflict and I openly said-so. Of course, I was younger, smarter, and less forgiving back then. Now I know much more about how hard it can be to swim against the tide or risk your job and sometimes your life by being different in the wrong-way.

Having been born in 1958, I voted for the first time in 1976, registering as Republican because my parents & grandparents were Republican even though they were all blue-collar workers. My family had voted for Nixon against John Kennedy and Goldwater against Johnson. The tale is told that, during the Great Depression, my maternal grandfather was enraged to learn that my grandmother had (gasp!) voted for FDR. My parents were disgusted when I voted for Jimmy Carter. But through the years, even though I called myself a Republican I almost always wound-up voting for the Democratic candidates.

At dinner one night during the 1984 election, my brother-in-law finally asked my assembled family the logical question, "Why would any working person vote Republican?" then he explained in detail the differences in the way the parties treated the common American. He showed us that nearly everything that made-up the special “American way of life,” like great wages, civil rights, owning your home, had all been supported by Democrats and opposed by Republicans. He made so much sense that by the early 1990’s nearly my entire family had switched to voting for Democrats or Independents. And almost without fail, during every election season someone in the family still brings up that question of his and reaffirms that he was correct. It just goes to show that, sometimes, one person speaking-up can make a difference.

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Reading through news and opinions this morning, I happened across an essay that piqued my interest. Well-known political dissident, Professor Noam Chomsky, gave an interview to Truthdig wherein he compares our present dire U.S. political situation to the Weimer-era Germany. Quite correctly, Professor Chomsky turns his vitriol loose upon America’s liberals & conservatives, both camps being utterly contemptible. Unfortunately, comparisons to Weimer-and-Nazi Germany are wearing-out from overuse just when we most need them; but it is difficult not to use the comparisons because they are so darned applicable to our time. The short, sad days of the “Weimer Republic” and its immediate successor, Nazism, have become historical shorthand for extreme denial of reality in the face of mounting danger, a wimpy inability of liberal politicians to stand-up for what is good & right, a “fiddling while Rome burns” mentality of dithering during crises that frustrates citizens to the point of sweeping democracy away and replacing it with pure evil just so someone will deal with the nation’s problems.

However, I disagree with the Professor in his assessment that FDR could not be elected in today’s political atmosphere. Well, back in the fall of 2008, I heard many people say that is exactly the type we hoped we elected. But we not only didn’t get FDR, or Carter (as Prof. Chomsky says), we got Buchanan (who stood irresolute as the nation slid into civil war). As one of the dupes who voted for Obama and now I see that his candidacy was an invention of the hidden powers behind the curtain that are hell-bent on taking this country down the road to complete ruin at the hands of mega corporations.

Unfortunately, the historical moment has passed. Obama’s revelation as neo-conservative while being labeled a “liberal” (like a wolf in sheep’s clothing) has fast spoiled any remaining national fondness for “liberal” solutions. Now we appear to be stuck between right-wing monstrous solutions and Obama’s very slightly less monstrous solutions. Just like the above-mentioned hidden powers figured. Obama’s election de-fanged the anti-war, anti-corporatist movements and he will provide cover for dismantling Social Security, unemployment, and the other components of the social safety net. In that way he resembles Clinton who provided cover when he “reformed” welfare and gave us NAFTA. I have come to regret voting for Clinton and Obama, but looking at the Republican alternatives… what choice did I really have?

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Hey, Democrats, Thanks for the Help!

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Obama, Pelosi, and their cadre have been tweeting, bleating, and otherwise hooting in triumph about passing the insurance company subsidy bill. Most certainly they must laugh uproariously and clink champagne glasses when over a private, sumptuous dinner in a fine Washington, D.C. restaurant one of their group facetiously calls it “reform.” The Republicans, who hate the hoi polloi as much as did the Victorian-era members of Britain’s House of Lords, are weeping & gnashing their teeth as if this corporate give-away is the second coming of Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward. The one thing both political parties have in common is their complete non-interest in, knowledge of, or concern for ordinary Americans, particularly the over 40,000,000 of us who have no health insurance.

Oh, by the way, the approaching reform is so wonderful that the White House and Congress have a provision in the bill that exempts them from participating. They will stick with the free, socialized medicine provided to them by the suckers known as the U.S. taxpayers.

Drug-addled Social Darwinist, Rush Limbaugh made an empty threat to move to Costa Rica because of the bill’s passage. Unlike the well-known comic, I am not so well-off that I think America’s health-care system is O.K. To the contrary, I have not had health insurance in over nine years; I lost it as a victim of corporate downsizing. Therefore, I have no choice of doctor nor worries about lengthy waits for treatment nor any of the other boogie men issues tossed into the so-called “health care debate.” Like a huge number of Americans, I simply do without visits to a doctor until health problems become severe enough to possibly be life-threatening, then I have someone take me to the emergency room for half a day of degrading, astronomically-overpriced, and begrudged care. Then I pay for it forever as best I can.

Let me make this clear: I do not have health insurance BECAUSE I CANNOT AFFORD IT. In the past decade I haven’t made more than $13,000 in a year. There are many frills, such as insurance that are not in my budget. At this income level, the extra cost of cheese on a hamburger is a luxury item. Many lame-brained ideas were tossed into the poop stew of the health-care “debate.” But I was most flabbergasted by the notion that people who do without insurance do so because, although they can afford it, they would rather spend the money on a trip to the Bahamas or the latest model Lamborghini. Therefore, the solution is to require everyone to buy insurance. This idea is so tremendously ridiculous that no sane person would buy into it, so of course it became the very linchpin of the “reform” bill.

When making pessimistic forecasts to my circle of family & friends (in which I include you), I often preface my opinion by saying “I hope I am wrong, but…” Well, I hope I am wrong, but this is what I think will be the results of this bill:
1) The poverty-stricken (who now include about half the nation) who comply & buy insurance will not go to the doctor BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE NO MONEY LEFT TO PAY THE CO-PAYMENTS AND FEES demanded in order to obtain medical care.
2) The poverty-stricken will not take advantage of the government’s promise to help them pay for their insurance BECAUSE MOST OF THEM WORK AND CANNOT TAKE OFF WORK TO GO JUMP THROUGH WHATEVER HOOPS will be put in place in order to be eligible for help.
3) Those who don’t comply and buy insurance will be penalized and FURTHER MARGINALIZED. Just what they need. I can already see the withholding of tax refunds, garnishment of already low wages, threats of jail, and other ways to CLAMP-DOWN on these scofflaws.
4) Insured or not, THE POOR WILL BE PUSHED DEEPER INTO FINANCIAL RUIN as a result of either buying unusable insurance or paying harsh penalties for non-coverage.
5) Meanwhile, as the health-care and national economic crises continue to grow and grow, the insurance companies will rake-in RECORD PROFITS, Wall Street tycoons will get RECORD BONUSES, and the media will distract us with record amounts of dreck. In other words, it will be American business as usual.
6) And since they already “reformed” the system, CONGRESS WILL DO NOTHING ADDITIONAL to fix the problems, other than the aforementioned clamping-down on the scofflaws. Maybe they will bring back debtor’s prison.
7) President Obama and the Democrats who are celebrating now will be deservedly blamed for the resulting mess. After the upcoming revolution is over, OBAMA WILL BE REMEMBERED BY HISTORY AS THE ANTI-FDR. He looked at a citizenry struggling to stay above the depression flood-waters and then handed them an anvil.

And now the optimistic part of my essay: The Democrats, including my one-time favorite, Dennis Kucinich have sold us down the river one too many times. They offer no real solutions for the lower 90% of citizens. The Republicans are monsters who would slit their own grandmothers’ throats to grab more money and power. So, it is up to us to save this nation. Take a look at this website, Get Out Of Our House, that seeks independent candidates to replace all 435 Demoblican & Republicrat members of the House of Representatives. That is where we can find a chance for real change.

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Get Out Of Our House!

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The group Get Out Of Our House bills itself as “a non-partisan plan to evict the career politicians from the U.S. House of Representatives. With all my heart I believe the only way to save our nation from further ruin is to unseat our uncaring, unresponsive, elite “rulers” and replace them with sensible, compassionate citizen representatives.

The GOOOH home page video shows a more conservative slant than I support. But I think their overall approach makes sense, so I plan to join and participate. Here is an excerpt from the “learn” section of their website; read it and see what you think:

The GOOOH process allows Americans of every political leaning to participate in the selection of their District’s Representative while being considered themselves. Through GOOOH’s Candidate Selection Sessions you and your peers will select the candidate in your district who best represents your district’s views. Even if you do not wish to become your district’s representative you will want to participate in the process and have a direct say in who is chosen to represent your district. GOOOH will fund a single national campaign to promote the 435 candidates (one from each district) who are selected to run against the party politicians. Because GOOOH is a process for selecting representatives (not a “party”) we expect a person left of center to be selected in San Francisco and one right of center in Colorado Springs — but it will be up to the GOOOH members in each district to decide.

Originally, the founder of GOOOH proposed excluding lawyers, members of political families, and individuals with more than $11.5 million in assets (250 times the median income). They were not to be excluded because they are bad people, but because they are overly represented in government today and, generally speaking, no longer seem to represent the common man. However, based on input from our members, the Question Committee has voted to remove the exclusion of lawyers and the wealthy. Instead, it has been decided that members of these two groups must simply declare that they are a lawyer or have more than $11.5m in assets in each Selection Session in which they participate. It will be up to the participants in each pool to decide whether or not that is of concern. We believe this change is indicative of the continuing evolution of the GOOOH system.

I am completely fed-up with the antics of both political parties. If you are too, then I encourage you to visit the GOOOH website. You’ll find them in a column to your right, under this blog’s “your public servants” links.

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by Colonel Edwin Gridle

Tonight Myrtle and I watched a documentary about Gary Leon Ridgway, a serial killer who killed perhaps as many as 90 young women during the 1980’s & 1990’s. After he was caught in 2001, he was asked by a psychotherapist whether he thought there was something missing from his personality that would explain his abberant behavior. He responded that he lacked “that affection thing,” by which he meant that he had no feelings of love or concern for anyone- not his family and certainly not his victims.

No, I’m not a psychiatrist but even I know Gary Ridgway fit the classic definition of a “sociopath”. A sociopath has no feeling of moral responsibility or conscience because they do not empathize with other people. Deep-down they care nothing for other living beings and certainly never “put themself into someone else’s shoes.” Therefore, this type of sickie can commit the most heinous acts against humans or animals and never flinch, never feel remorse. A normal person could never torture or kill 1 person, let alone 90, because they would identify too much with the victim’s pain & perhaps even the pain of the victim’s family.

I came across another sociopath today: Jim Bunning, Republican Senator from Kentucky. The man whom Democrats have allowed to single-handedly block the extension of unemployment for over 1 million jobless Americans suffering through the economic depression. Senator Bunning suddenly cares so much about our nation’s multi-trillion-dollar debt that he now loudly insists upon drawing the line on more spending, in much the same way as one would close the barn door after the horse has run off…and the barn has burned-down. So without even a word (or thought) of concern for once-hardworking citizens who are depending on unemployment benefits to hang onto their lives, the good Senator tells the Wimp-o-crats “tough sh-t” about passing the bill. Nope, no remorse rattling around in this sickie’s noggin, just anger that the Senate debate interfered with more important matters: “I have missed the Kentucky-South Carolina game that started at 9:00,” he complained, “and it’s the only redeeming chance we had to beat South Carolina since they’re the only team that has beat Kentucky this year.

If we delved into Senator Bunning’s past would we find that, like many other sociopaths, he had a childhood fondness for torturing small animals before he stepped-up to harming humans?

If only Senator Bunning and his lack of feelings was a rarity, but far,far from it! In recent decades the United States is overrun with sociopathic sickies in the highest positions of authority, where they have done widespread harm –looting the Savings & Loans, outsourcing jobs, stealing retirement pensions, lying us into wars. All the while the perpetrators of these crimes show no guilt, no compassion for their victims and no concern for the damage done to our society.

Our descendants, when they study our era of history, will wonder why we allowed power to be wielded by the obviously dangerously mentally-ill. I believe that within the next twenty years, our nation will come to its senses and assure that sociopaths such as the ones who run A.I.G., General Motors, and the Supreme Court get the psychological treatment they so badly need. One thing is for certain: the future survival & well-being of our country necessitates that the sickies be banned from positions of power.

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