Maximum Capacity, Part 1

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I entered a very disconcerting phase of my life 5 months ago. All those things large, small, & in-between that made my 50 year’s of life a tough slog finally caught-up with me. And so, I checked myself into the psychiatric ward of one of the local hospitals.

Notice I said they were the things that made my life a tough slog. We each have our own menu of situations & encounters that we react to either positively or negatively. Some persons are devastated by a hangnail, others barely slow down if their arm gets amputated. I admit I am closer to the hangnail end of the spectrum. And not only would the pain of the hangnail itself bother me but I would want to know why I got a hangnail in the first place and why God allows anyone to suffer with hangnails and the whys of all hangnail-related questions in our universe.

During the week I was locked in the booby-hatch one of the group-therapists said I “ask far too many whys.” I responded that I had always hoped that, if I could understand why things are as they are, I could tolerate it better. “Things are what they are; just get over it!” was his answer. I still fail to see how that attitude is more therapeutic (or actually any different) than the religionists who say we must just accept whatever happens to us as inscrutable God’s will.

Thirty years ago, I went to my family doctor (one of those luxuries back in the days when I had health insurance) and told him I was extremely stressed-out. “Why are you stressed-out?” he inquired in his best bedside manner. I replied, “Over money.” He offered this advice as he immediately directed me out of the examination room to pay the receptionist $35: “Learn to relax.”

Sage wisdom, indeed! But not so easy to practice in a world that is determined to put us under unbearable pressure.


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Blessed are the Crooked?

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By Reverend Hothoneywater, Special Correspondent

Let me cut straight to the point:  Does God actually favor the bullying, bigoted, piggish, selfish, and hateful who have ruined our world throughout its history… and now seem ready to take the world down completely?

There are times lately when I wonder. I admit the question makes me feel a good bit guilty, yet I think it really needs to be asked. Is it just me who looks around at humanity needlessly suffering all over the globe, including here within the borders of the “last superpower, and demands to know of God: “Just whose side are you on, anyway!?”

I’ve never been a traditionally “religious” person, that is one obsessed with church rules and regulations. But, since childhood, I’ve been “spiritually-minded,” seeking knowledge and experience of higher power. I believed and asked others to believe that God was benevolent and cared for the underdog, the peacemaker, the struggling poor. After all, scriptural passages from diverse faiths tell us that the Supreme Being helps and rewards the downtrodden who try to do the right thing. Now, more and more, I look upon those scriptural promises the same as I look upon political campaign promises:  As a con-job meant to keep the rubes quiet while their happiness and very lives are stolen by sociopaths. Is God a cosmic Barack Obama, offering inspiring words of comfort to the needy while throwing His support to the greedy? Like W. Bush, is God a “compassionate conservative?”

Like all turning-points in a person’s life, this one had been approaching for a long time. And finally there was that one last thing… which the cliche calls “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

So, what broke my back? In June, Congress toyed with the lives of the jobless, unable to muster enough brain or heart-power to extend unemployment payments and instead painting the jobless as bloodsucking leeches on the body of America. One of the Republican Neanderthals leading the attack was New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, son of a former New Hampshire governor, 11th generation aristocrat, born with silver-spoon firmly set in his mouth, net worth estimated at $10 million. This complete A-hole was one of the chief writers of the 2008 TARP bill (better known as the bankster bailout) while he had oodles of Bank of America stock. Also, the man withdrew his name from contention to be Obama’s Secretary of Commerce after the press learned Gregg had benefited from government money he had steered to his state. (Hey, before I forget let me also mention that Obama recently appointed the Social Security-hating Gregg to the Deficit Commission that is expected to soon propose to throw Social Security under the bus.) Gregg is one mean old Grinch. And, guess what?  Back in 2005 the well-heeled old devil bet $20 on a Powerball lottery ticket and won over $850,000 !!! Yep, that’s right, God gave the winning lottery ticket to a flinty-hearted plutocrat who already had millions and collects a yearly salary of $180,000 + perks! Take that, all you losers who can’t afford school lunches for your kids!

2 of God's homeboys: Judd Gregg & George Bush

This little nugget of trivia has “blown my mind” (as the hippies used to say)!!! After discovering it, I have not been the same. Its effects continue to ripple through my consciousness. It would not have such an impact if Judd Gregg’s good fortune was an isolated example of Divine Providence smiling so fondly upon someone so reprehensible. And so each day, as I work to help the rapidly increasing number in our community who suffer without sufficient food, healthcare, shelter, and so much more, I think of the Judd Greggs of this world and ask God:  “Just whose side are you on, anyway!?”

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God Hates Jedi

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By Reverend Hothoneywater, Special Correspondent

Here are some protesters who know how to handle the insane folks from Topeka, Kansas’ Westboro Baptist Church. Westboro Baptist is the home of rabidly anti-gay, anti-Catholic, anti-Jew, Anti-Muslim, anti-Protestant, anti-soldier, anti-Italian, anti-… well, you get the picture. Apparently, they are even Anti-Baptist (no lie) and their views are rejected by all known Baptist organizations. Let’s face it, you’ve got to be pretty reactionary to have your fellow-Baptists reject you!

Congregants of Westboro Baptist dearly love to “spread the word of God’s hate” by disrupting funerals of gays & soldiers by picketing with signs reminding us that “God hates fags!” and other such sentiments. By the way, the soldier-hate is because they are serving the immoral, faggot-loving United States. Heck, they picketed the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. because “Jews are the real Nazis.” They even showed-up to try and ruin the funeral of Mr. Fred Rogers.  What can you expect from a group who once recorded a song titled, “God Hates the World.”

It seems that the Westboro flakes announced their intention to spoil the San Diego comic book convention. Why? I guess it’s what Jesus would do. Anyway, the brave souls of Comic-Con weren’t intimidated; they stood their ground and joined the protest, carrying their own signs proclaiming thoughts such as “All Glory to the Hypno-Toad.”

I have no doubt the infiltrators confused the heck out of the Westboro Baptist kooks. Here is a tactic that I hope to see used more against the right-wing nuts in the future.

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By Reverend Hothoneywater, Special Correspondent

The Bible many “Christians” spend time thumping but little time reading says:

“If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.” (Proverbs 21:13)

Congressman Alan Grayson, of Florida’s 8th District (location of  DisneyWorld), has told it like it is about Republicans & their attitude toward the jobless victims of economic depression. It is the sort of thing President Obama & every Democrat should be saying in public every day, on every news program, in every newspaper, and all over the internet. It is the sort of think every church, synagogue, & mosque in the nation should be reminding their congregations every week. Watch the video here.

Now Mr. Grayson is no pauper himself. He is a millionaire. But he has not forgotten his upbringing as a poor boy in Bronx, New York. And he nails it when he paints his Republican colleagues as unable to relate to those without jobs facing financial hardship:

“They’re thinking why don’t they just sell some stock . If they’re in really dire straits, maybe they could take some of their art collection and send it off to the auctioneer. And if they’re in deep, deep trouble maybe these unemployed can sell one of their yachts.”

This is a speech that Franklin Roosevelt would have been proud to give.

This is by no means the first time Representative Grayson has blasted the reactionary right-wing. This photo from the so-called “healthcare debate” illustrates Grayson’s bravado. 

I got on Rep. Grayson’s website to email him my thanks. Its says due to the volume of email he gets, he only accepts mail from his Florida constituents. So I phoned his Wash DC office & spoke to a very courteous & happily surprised receptionist.
I encourage you to call with your support for this brave man. Phone 202-225-2176.
If you can, send him a contribution; he’s running for reelection & we need his kind in Congress.

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Musings on Polytheism

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Today in my “Human Image” class at the community college I attend, our professor gave a lecture on polytheism in ancient civilizations. She approached this subject with an almost apologetic, mocking tone. To me, it seemed she was afraid of offending the monotheists in the class (and I highly doubt that anyone in the class is a polytheist) by speaking such “Blasphemy.” I’m not dissing her as a professor. She is s friendly, intelligent woman who is passionate about what she teaches. I just got the impression that she had, on many occasions, been accosted or disrespected by students for even mentioning such ridiculous and ancient ideology.

So, then I got to thinking about polytheism. I’ve always been interested in Greek Mythology (I’m taking another class about Mythology in Literature this quarter.) It just seems like anything goes in these stories. I’m not professing to be an expert on theism of any nature, or mythology, but something just appeals to me in a religion that creates stories about their main god coming to earth as a bull to seduce the ladies. Zeus was quite the playboy, apparently.

I suppose what I like about these gods is the fact that they had human attributes and were thought  to visit Earth and interact with their “subjects” in a fairly routine manner. Back in those days, you always had to be on your toes, because you never knew which god would fall in love with you, and what form he would take to seduce you. Letting your gods experience human emotions such as love, anger, jealousy, regret…..these are all things that make him/her seem more attainable to you. Instead, what we have with our current god is an untouchable force who resides another dimension. He is absent in most human affairs, silently judging, but making special guest appearances to grant a touchdown for a football team (from what I’ve heard, god is responsible for most winning touchdowns. Jesus also pitches in sometimes, when the stakes are very high.)

Another thing that appeals to me about polytheism is that the gods did not provide the moral or ethic blueprint for human kind. They had one rule “Don’t piss us off, and we won’t send a massive flood/earthquake/etc your way.” These gods knew that humans should have the common sense to not act like barbarians. They didn’t need to send down some list of rules that regulated how people should act, think, and feel.

I wonder though, if those trying to please these ancient gods were more cohesive as a people because of their mutual desire to keep the higher beings happy. It seems now most people are “into” religion for the salvation of their own personal soul, not for fear of widespread natural disasters and starvation.

Do you think the world will one day revert back to polytheism?

Also, this is my first post on the ColonelGirdle blog.  I am new to blogging and would appreciate constructive feedback. 🙂 I am still new to the writing for others to read, so I may not yet make my ideas as clear as I’d like.

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