Sisyphus Shrugs

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During these past two years, overheatedly indignant Libertarian/Republican wackos (indignant, of course, about the election of black Communist Barack Obama to the presidency) have harkened-back to their college-days’ admiration of flaky author Ayn Rand’s work. Indulging their inner-brat, they fantasize the “truly productive” members of society (that is, the criminal-Capitalists) enacting the scenario from Rand’s homage to greed, “Atlas Shrugged” : The virtuous & brilliant owners of big-business, tired of bearing the weight of the world (like Atlas, get it?) while being unappreciated by the masses, reach the end of their patience & go on strike (shrug, get it?), withdrawing from society & causing the total collapse of the financial & industrial world.

Sales of Rand’s screed have been climbing since the 2008 economic collapse. Apparently, Social-Darwinist dunderheads find solace in its message that ordinary people are robbing the rich of deserved compensation for providing the rest of us with their leadership. All those pesky rules & regulations are dragging-down the supermen & we best be careful or the mighty just may go off someplace & sulk, leaving we lesser-humans to ruin civilization much like “Planet of the Apes.”

What is most laughable about this threat is the threatener’s absolute lack of awareness that the heads of big-business & finance are exactly the ones who repeatedly rape the environment, crash the economy, and continually feed-off the masses while providing very little (if anything) of real value to society. Time after time it is the peons who must pick-up the pieces & clean-up the mess caused by the crony-Capitalists.

If anyone should “shrug” (strike) it should be the masses who toil day after day, year after year, trying to get ahead in a system that swindles them at every turn. After a lifetime of work, most people cannot rely upon having sufficient income, retirement, & health care in a culture that strives mightily every day to knock them back to square one. America’s workers are like Sisyphus, whom the gods punished to toil exhaustingly each day pushing a huge boulder up a mountainside and when reaching the top watched helplessly as the boulder rolled down to its starting point.

All those vultures who style themselves as put-upon Atlases wouldn’t last two weeks without the people who do the real grunt work of this world.


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The Glenn Beck Experience

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Laugh-master Glenn Beck keeps on rolling and keeps his audience rolling in the aisles! Now, in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Stevens’ retirement, he imagines President Obama’s upcoming selection of a replacement. Beck’s fevered brain visualizes a “gay-handicapped-black woman who’s an immigrant” as being B.O.’s dream appointment, because it would be the “radical” thing to do.

And in the zany universe Beck has created, President Obama is a radical. He is a Marxist. Yes, Barack Obama. The man whose policies have, so far, been virtually indistinguishable from his predecessor, George W. “Silver-Spoon Cowboy” Bush. Beck’s avid following eats this stuff up, much like fans of other fantasy tv programs like Lost.

The Glenn Beck experience is high-comedy of unparalleled genius. One after another, he spins hilariously surreal takes on current events. Does he write this stuff himself or use a staff of joke writers? Either way, he certainly deserves the $32 million he raked-in last year.

My only concern is: how can he possibly keep topping himself? Eventually he will reach a point where he runs-out of new humor material and then what? Perhaps having himself hauled-off to the nuthouse in a straitjacket at the end of the broadcast?

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