What Then, Indeed?

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While perusing one of my favorite alternative news websites, Unknownnews.net, I came across an article titled: “If healthcare loses again, what then?”  Since I am an older, lower-income, uninsured citizen, I have a keen interest in that question. I emailed the author with my thoughts. It read:

Yes, what…indeed…then? (You can’t see it, but I’m stroking my chin reflectively).

Unfortunately, I have no fear of contradiction when I say the first part of your question should be rephrased as “When healthcare loses…” That is partially because, as you so astutely put it, “…the President is a pansy.” But your overall question is very good and not limited only to healthcare. We Americans of a progressive bent must realize that this same question also applies to alternative energy, the environment, the war, the economy, unemployment, education, and other issues ad nauseum.

One thing is for darn sure:  We cannot count on the corporate-funded government nor their corporate owners to get us the solutions we need. Name the issue facing America and be assured any hint of sanity will instantly be greeted by a consortium of right-wing political nuts who are manipulated by criminal big-business. And they are abetted at every step by the so-called “liberal” Democrats and the so-called “liberal” media. Since nearly every mainstream media outlet and politician is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the economic elite– they are the proverbial “wolves in sheeps’ clothing.” It would actually be surprising if they supported populism. No, we can’t count on any of them for help.

So, if we can’t count on them, what do we do? We face facts:  Our country is in about 40-years-worth of deep doo-doo and the system is broken from top to bottom. We elected Obama and a Democratic majority to fix it, but they have shown themselves unequal to the task. The Republicans already disqualified themselves from leadership. We want to preserve our Constitutional form of government, which functions well when it allowed to function unhindered by the moneyed-interests. Therefore, our only course of action is to do all we can to encourage third-party candidates and vote them into office. This will break the stranglehold the two corporate parties have on our government. Then, to insure our public servants stay clean, we must immediately pass legislation to remove private finance entirely from our political process. It will be a big job but we have no option.

Meanwhile, awaiting the day when ordinary people re-take governance, we must all strive to make ourselves the best human beings we can be. Set a good example:  Practice kindness and compassion, help others and ourselves to reach full potential, and reject the culture of greed and cruelty.


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